My Newly Acquired...

Two-foot tall Minifig

Me and Gus I've been going to the toy store in Burlington for sometime, and the two footer in the window always caught my eye. In September I gathered up enough courage to ask the store owner if I could purchase it. "It's the only thing Lego ever gave to us. Come back in a month. Maybe my mind will have changed."

One month later I asked the man if he was still willing to sell it. He didn't know I had asked for it previously and gave me the same line: "It's the only thing..." Internally I was mad at the man for not remembering me, but once a month I would go back to the store, see the lego man in the window, and ask my question. This month he broke down after saying "It's the only thing..." and said "How much is it worth to you?" I told him: "It's worth everything in my pockets."

Actually, all I had on me was thirty-seven dollars. Seeing the same lego men going on eBay for upwards of one hundred fifty-seven dollars got my hopes down. The two kids buying Magic cards snorted, and the store owner laughed when he picked up the lego man.
"How much you got?" I started pulling out my money (which was mostly in ones after buying a computer game) "Forty dollars...I mean thirty-seven."

When I turned to my right, toward the front of the store, my girlfriend was glowering hot hate in my direction. "HOW can you spend the last of our money?!" I knew that's what it would come down to...

"Thirty-seven dollars? Man, I'm probably going to regret this. These are probably worth a lot." said the store manager. "Check eBay." The two Magic card buyers giggled. With a definitive sigh of reluctance, he took my thirty-seven dollars and handed over my prize. My girlfriend didn't talk to me for a day. She didn't like the idea I gave up supper out to have my dream.

The two foot tall lego man really adds color to the house. I've had some people ask if I will animate him, and the answer is "Maybe, in the far future." I had no intentions of animating him from the start. I like to collect the minifigs in sets and trade. What better way to show ones minifig status?

To those of you who are interested in acquiring one, a two foot tall minifig moves just like an inch tall one.
  1. Hands swivel
  2. Legs move back and forth
  3. Head turns
  4. Arms move up and down

Only thing different is everything is glued or bolted together. (The head, hat and hands won't come off, and the legs are permanent as well.)