My Favorite Websites

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Most of the sites I visit on the internet have to do with Lego in one way or another. Here are some of my favorites: The ultimate site for brick animation. Having a huge directory of films and a user friendly forum, this is one you'll come back to again and again.
mocpages.comShort for "My Own Creation" this site boasts a wide variety of fans creating Lego masterpieces. The builders take pictures and you get to admire them, rate them, and join groups to build together. Lots of cool stuff here.
bricklink.comThis is where I buy most of my Lego for set design. Instead of buying a whole set for one piece I go here. Need just one fence, brick or minifig? Someone is selling it. Need 1,000 blue slopes? You get the idea. Cool site.
lego.comThe premiere. The penultimate. The reason I've had memorable play my entire life. There are some online games and building tips here, but I mainly go to buy Lego. (Or at least look at what I could buy if I had money.)
brickshelf.comAwesome pictures of Lego creations made by fans.