Animation Festival

Brickfest 2002

The Animation Festival had twenty entries. I sat in the back of the theatre and captured audience reactions. Right Click and save target as, because these movies do not stream well. The quality is low, but the sound is good and loud because people requested feedback on their movies. Enjoy the hand clapping and laughs! PLEASE NOTE: Due to technical difficulties at the fest, some movies were watched multiple times. I took the version that played well to put online. If you would like the messups (people laughed at certain parts of movies without sound) feel free to email me.

Entry 1: Block Wars
Paul Hollingsworth & Sarah Stinchcombe

Entry 2: Building a Little Red Switcher
Bob Hayes

Entry 3: Great Inventors Part 1: The Wheel
Stefan (wandrer)

Entry 4: Macabre Manor
Jared Gilbert (legogod)

Entry 5: Metro
Doug James (shootinbricks)

Entry 6: The Juggler
Nick Maniatis (halidfw)

Entry 7: The Mollusk
Greg Perry (supernerd23)

Entry 8: The Glove
Wolfgang Roehl & Thomas Roehl

Entry 9: The Doorway
Nick Maniatis (halidfw)

Entry 10: The Game
Nate Burr (Bluntman)

Entry 11: Ninja Thief
Ben B.

Entry 12: Donnie the Mobster: Trouble at School
Nick Maniatis (halidfw)

Entry 13: Freedom
Brian Gould and Colin Sproat

Entry 14: Evolution of Creation
Greg Perry

Entry 15: The Final Duel
Joe Loretz

Entry 16: Mummy
Ben B.

Entry 17: NK2020
Nick Maniatis

Entry 18:The Clocktower Trilogy
Nate Burr

Entry 19:The Gauntlet
Jay Silver

Entry 20:Perelowic
Brian Gould, Colin Sproat, Spencer Glodek